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Private Security Services

We carry out many security services such as Physical Security Services, Facility Entry/Exit Controls, Close Protection Services, Advisory Services, pedestrian or vehicle Patrol Services within the framework of law No. 5188 in a professional manner.

We provide you with a peaceful and safe time in your living areas by keeping the entrance and exit of the area under control with house, Business Center, Plaza and site specific security services.

Security entry and exit in the safety of the mall, shops, movie theater and gym, security, parking, security, floor safety, our security personnel in order to ensure the safety of employees and customers Mall Mall security expert with a service we provide.

We also show the necessary sensitivity regarding the protection of Industrial Facilities, Factories, Warehouses and Warehouses.We provide comprehensive security service for construction and construction sites.

We ensure that a safe environment is created in public living spaces such as hotels and hospitals and that possible risks are minimized.

Thanks to this security service, which can be provided with both physical and technological equipment, people and areas are protected and kept safe from criminal elements that may come from outside.